The Taste That Can’t Be Found Elsewhere

We are happy to welcome you to Souvlaki Place, the Greek Cuisine everyone’s been waiting for. Where you can get a taste of authentic flavor that comes all the way from Greece.

The Souvlaki Place is a family-owned eatery that only wants to spread smiles and satisfaction through its unique recipes and fresh ingredients.

The Souvlaki Place will begin its journey in Canada, close to the people, so that they can come and satisfy their cravings whenever they place. When you visit us, you never have to worry about the taste being dull or meals served cold. You will always leave the Souvlaki Place full, satisfied, and with a smile.

Since we are family-owned, we understand what a family wants. So bring all your loved ones to our place and we will make sure that everyone has a great time and enjoys the food we serve to their heart’s content. We promise you a good and a delicious time that you and your family will never forget.